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The Advantages

  • Franchising is a rapidly expanding feature of the Australian small business sector because of the beneficial prospects it offers Franchisors, including: Introduction for Prospective Franchisor – Franchise Legal Page 4 of 6
  • The negation of the need for capital to expand by leveraging the access to the resources of individual franchisees;
  • Rapid, less complex market penetration;
  • The potential to gain market share;
  • Shared risk with Franchisees;
  • Potentially higher return on investment;
  • Engagement of other highly motivated owner – operators who have a real stake in the success of the franchised business;
  • Greater reach of brands in locations where franchisees possess local industry knowledge and access;
  • A switch form middle management to owner – operators;
  • Incr eased marketing and buying power; and
  • Ability to provide ongoing product and systems development.

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